Nothing beets cultivating health and wellness from your own home

Nothing beets cultivating health and wellness from your own home

Michael Currin, CEO of Homefarm, wants ordinary people to become food-independent.

What does that mean? 

The Small Business Showcase chatted with him to find out.

Goodbye Eskom se Push

Michael’s masters research topic focused on disrupting the production system and empowering the end user. Think solar power and being able to tell Eskom to stuff it. Now he and his team empower people to become urban farmers. Homefarm’s goal is to help communities become more resilient to factors out of their control, like climate extremes and – you guessed it – Eskom

Romain calm and keep growing

Holy shiitake

Homefarm started in 2016 and they’ve expanded from selling microgreen kits for the smart appliance to selling more complex kits, like ones for herbs and lettuces. Their crop-growing appliance comes with a user-friendly ‘plug-and-play’ app, so that your home crop can be maintained remotely via the Cloud (super cool version of Black Mirror, right?)

You grow, girl.

Homefarm is about to launch an upgraded version of their app which will allow for gamification, allowing you to earn points and badges. Organic and fresh goodies are great for us, but some app morality never hurts. Especially if it leads to discounts and bonuses.

You look radishing, doll!

Homefarm creates an optimal micro-climate for your crop and controls its humidity, temperature, lighting and watering. The installation process is swift and the appliance itself is incredibly appealing, with clean lines and a modern look.  

The magic of seeing your plants grow sparks a creativity and becomes a “novelty that never wears off”.

Michael Currin

Each crop has its own calendar which keeps you up to date on its needs (outside of the remote maintenance it receives). The app may not prompt you to speak in soothing tones and play Mozart for it – but we recommend you do that anyway!

Homefarm’s clientele includes restauranteurs, farmers’ market traders, keen gardeners and eco-conscious urbanites. Health and sustainability have never been easier to achieve.
Mother Earth would be proud!

Thyme to take control

Getting off the grid has never been better. With Homefarm, you can grow organic and pesticide-free, fantastically-fresh greens all-year round. Friendly and efficient gardening guides wait for you in the Cloud to make sure your micro-green salad is unbeetable.   

Visit Homefarm’s website and get your farm on:

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