Love Jacaranda

A lifetime with a blanket


Business-owner moms wear invisible capes – these two wear fabulous, Basotho-inspired ones!

Love Jacaranda is the manifestation of 2 best friends who are passionate about beautiful things made in South Africa. Natalie and Christina met in 2001 after varsity and our friendship was cemented one afternoon in an impromptu shopping trip!

Fast forward nearly 20 years, many corporate hours, dancing, shopping, children and travelling, they decided to start their own business.

These two moms are proud South Africans and are determined to support local industry and thereby jobs. They launched the online store in 2019 to showcase beautifully made blankets and throws that are entirely made in South Africa.

Due to the influx of cheaper products imported from other countries like China and Turkey, many South African manufacturers went out of business (as did many jobs). Aranda Textile Mills is one of the last standing factories making high quality blankets and throws. Chris and Natalie decided to start their business by focusing on the incredible products produced at this factory whose products are renowned for their quality.

The Range

The range is a carefully curated range of products, across prices, designs, colours and yarns. The range is varied with something for everyone: soft throws in beautiful designs, luxurious bed blankets, cotton and wool. You will be spoiled for choice for your home!

They also stock heritage blankets used by various cultures in South Africa including the famous Basotho blankets and the Ndebele Umbhalo.

The range is also all machine washable (except perhaps the wool ones!)

Where Are They?

They are primarily an online store, shipping out of Johannesburg. They have been doing markets in Johannesburg in order to get people to experience the glorious quality of the products. They intend to increase this to other markets across the country.

They also sell on a wholesale basis. Please send them an enquiry if you are interested in retailing.





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