Studio Doodle

Children’s functional furniture. Made locally, delivered anywhere in SA.


Studio Doodle makes children’s furniture that is: eco-conscious, beautiful, functional and locally-made.

Studio Doodle’s Story:

Studio Doodle started when two friends, Mat and Sarah, spent an afternoon sketching out a rather ambitious design for a high-chair/toddler-table/helper-stool hybrid (which we are still working on…) and from there it turned into a few whacky ideas for gadgets and toys and little design details that were far cleverer than strictly necessary. It was about a year later that their long-suffering spouses, Sam and Mike, stepped in and told the Doodlers to actually DO something with their hobby – to make real products that could be sold to real customers. And so, they did.

It was during the 2020 COVID Lockdown that Sam identified the need for parents to stimulate, educate, and entertain their children in the absence of nursery and pre-schools, while still needing to work from home themselves. Thus, we found ourselves with our first “real” product: the sensory table. More chats with home-bound moms and dads led us to develop the learning tower and stepping stool, and it became clear that we wanted to create products that make it easy for parents to be actively involved in their children’s development.

As our product range expands to include more functional furniture and educational equipment, we continue to love the process of designing and making beautiful things that enhance family life.

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