From a biochem student selling homemade solutions to a giant in SA’s holistic health scene

From a biochem student selling homemade solutions to a giant in SA’s holistic health scene

Meet Tristan van Moerkerken from OPTIMIZED.

Here at the Small Business Showcase, we meet entrepreneurs, like Tristan, doing good in the world. OPTIMIZED is all about good, better, best!

Curiouser and curiouser

Tristan says he’s “always been a little different”.

When he’s told “A equals B” he wants to know why that is. And if it always has to.

He started exploring different ways to feel and be better when he was in university. Instead of assuming that infection=antibiotics, for example, Tristan started experimenting with approaching health and well-being in smarter ways.    

Back in Uni, Tristan created his health solutions from scratch (from the product to the labelling – thank you, Microsoft Paint!)

“It was literally as dodgy as it gets,” Tristan says laughing.

Why are superbugs so efficient against antibiotics?

Germ-an engineering, of course.

A Wits study found that “78% of patients sent to a public clinic and 67% of patients sent to a private general practitioner (GP) received antibiotics, even though antibiotics were not clinically indicated for these patients.”

Is this A=B formula still working for us? Tristan doesn’t think so.  

What’s even scarier is that “more than half of these patients still received antibiotics even after stating they didn’t want them.”

More and more, people want solutions that are natural. Partly because they agree with Tristan when he says that each time you take a course of antibiotics, it nukes your system.

Not to say antibiotics don’t have a time and place, he says, but turning to alternatives when you can is “a lot more sustainable and practical”. Instead of constantly putting a band-aid on the symptoms, we need to turn to natural alternatives which deal with the root cause of the problem. 

Be a liver, not a hater!

It hasn’t always been easy and Tristan says he’s learnt a lot since those Microsoft Paint days. At one point, he took a business beating of note and was forced to start all over again due to a deal gone bad.

Through the years, he’s learnt valuable entrepreneurial lessons, like this one:

You get better, it doesn’t get better. And part of that is figuring out which fires to prioritise – and which to let burn.  

However, when it comes to your health: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and it should never be ignored.

Tristan has met countless people wanting to know why they always “feel like they’ve gotten the shit kicked out of them”. And we’re back to needing to solve the root cause of feeling badly.

OPTIMIZED allows people to be proactive. To be armed with the right information, the right brain-boosters.

There’s a time and a place for decaf coffee.

Never and in the trash.

What’s your vice? Don’t pretend you don’t have one, we all do.

OPTIMIZED sells nootropics and adaptogens. Sounds trippy, right? It gets better:

Nootropics are mind-bending, smart drugs. And in reality, so is coffee, nicotine and sugar. Drugs we take all the time. When you’re having a particularly “gotten-the-shit-kicked-out-of-me” day, you probably have a go-to, like an energy drink.

OPTIMIZED products, like the Neuro Day Plus (which helps with maintaining clarity of mind and whole-day sustainable energy) is great for students, business executives, entertainers and athletes. Instead of drinking deplorable stuff way beyond moderation, you can get holistic and natural support. Tristan says it’s all about being informed and taking the right stuff.       

Pill better soon!

OPTIMIZED has grown in leaps and bounds and is going strong! (No more Microsoft Paint, thank you.)

Tristan and his team now sell products of their own through OPTIMIZED, as well as the huge range of holistic health, and general wellness and vitality products they had before.

OPTIMIZED helps a variety of people, from people with ailments to those wanting to be Bradley Cooper from Limitless (spoiler alert: it’s not possible, but unlocking your full potential is) to those wanting overall health and wellness to those who just enjoy being curiouser and curiouser about their body and its possibilities.

“We revise, we adapt, we shift,” says Tristan as he speaks of the OPTMIZED team. This is a company willing to question the status quo and search for the healthiest fit – even if it turns out that it’s not A equals B. 

Unlock your potential:

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