Think it, Workshop it, MAKE it!

Think it, Workshop it, MAKE it!

Henry Levine, of Made in Workshop, is passionate about helping people turn their genius ideas into something concrete: “Stop talking about it and actually get going!”

Here at the Small Business Showcase, we love seeing small businesses take their magic brain-seed and grow it into an epic passion-tree.

So we really love it when we meet a business who’s helping the little guys make their not-so-little dreams come true.

Made in Workshop’s story

MiW has been going since 2017. Recently, they opened up shop in a 2000 square metre space.

“If you can draw a square on your computer, you can use the CNC laser-cutter.”


Three workshops, a woodworking shop, a safe space for painting and several small businesses operate out of the busy behemoth. They have it all – a CNC plasma cutter and router; lathes; knee mills; welding machines; different types of laser cutters; a 3D printer, iron worker and a section bender.

Oh, and they sell coffee, beer and food. Parts of the brewery’s operation were actually Made in Workshop.

Ultimate (Wo)Man cave, right?  

Monkey CNC, monkey do

Ever been to the mechanic or the appliance store and been told that THAT part no longer exists? No such thing. Not with MiW.

“For the first time ever, you can think of, design and create any idea – in weeks!”


More than satisFACTORY

Homefarm, Studio Doodle and Ideamongery are just a few small businesses who use MiW to create their unique products. They didn’t have to stress over the capital, square meterage, infrastructure, red tape – or training – needed to pursue their entrepreneurial goals.

Homefarm sells fully automated, crop-growing appliances (yes, that’s as cool as it sounds; check them out); Studio Doodle sells beautifully-crafted children’s furniture; and Ideamongery is an industrial design consultancy. They made the Vuvuliser, which is exactly what it sounds like (think about it).

Need to make a Vuvuzela-cum-breathalyser? Made in Workshop.

Emile of Ideamongery says it’s a dynamic company that uses a variety of expensive machines. And so machines would need to run 24/7 to justify their cost. “But with Made In Workshop, we have access to machines without needing to finance them,” he says.

“Why would I ever use my own workshop again?”, concurs Made in Workshop artist-entrepreneur, Rowan Mardghum, owner of the furniture manufacturer h-na.

Working hard or hardly working?

It’s not only businesses that use MiW. Hobbyists also buy memberships and work on their passion projects there. It’s so gratifying to help professionals like accountants, lawyers and doctors experiment with their creative side, says Henry. And what’s beautiful about the space is that there’s invariably another hobbyist-engineer around, happy to share their knowledge.

Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.

James A. Michener

Work it!

The team of four at MiW stay on top of safety regulations so that any member there automatically knows they’re doing things the right way. The “Henry Happens” signs dotted all over the bustling workshop are a warning against litterbugs, yes, but they’re also the reassurance that MiW has you covered. The workshops are kept fluid, clean and safe.

What an inspiring and vibrant place Made in Workshop is –

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